Crews That Rock
Owner: World of Concrete

Pinnacle Arena
Project Location: Haymarket Downtown Lincoln, NE
Owner: JPA

Aurora Co-Op
Project Location: 605 12th Street, Aurora, NE 68818
Owner: Aurora Cooperative

Union College
Project Location: 3800 South 48th Street  Lincoln, NE 68506
Owner: Union College

MEANs Building - GlynOaks
Project Location: 8377 Glynoaks Dr  Lincoln, NE 68516
Owner: NMPP

Veterans Affairs Building
Project Location: 3800 Village Drive, Williamsburg Village, Lincoln, NE
Owner: Hampton Enterprises, Inc.

Camp Catron
Project Location: Nebraska City, NE
Owner: Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

Project Location: Lincoln, NE
Owner: NRECA

Lancaster Event Center
Project Location: 4100 N. 84th Street, Lincoln, NE
Owner: Lancaster County Agricultural Society, Inc

Project Location: Old Cheney Branch, Lincoln, NE
Owner: LincOne Federal Credit Union

Residence Inn
Project Location: 5865 Boboli Lane, Lincoln, NE
Owner: Residence Inn