A story that begins in 1948

Hampton Enterprises officially came into being in 1964, but its roots go back nearly twenty years before that.  America was in the throes of the Great Depression and Nebraska was not immune to that suffering. Determined to improve his situation, Joe Hampton entered Chadron State College after graduation from high school. When his funds ran out after one semester, Joe became an apprentice electrician working for 70¢ an hour. After hearing he could make an extra 20¢ an hour in Lincoln, Joe headed to the Capitol City.

He was twenty-two years old and had $40 in his name. 

He began building a house in his spare time, intending it to be his own home. However, housing was in short supply in post-war Lincoln and he sold his new house for $9,800 before it was even finished. Recognizing an opportunity, he built another, then another. It was the beginning of a pioneering enterprise that set the pace for development in the Lincoln area.

Joe Hampton made the giant step from homebuilder to developer in 1964 when he purchased 80 acres of ground at 70th and A Streets for $160,000. He paid half the purchase price in cash. That first venture became the area now known as Lincolnshire Square, one of the first combination office parks and residential community developments in Lincoln.

In 1989, Hampton Enterprises purchased a parcel of land consisting of 320 acres located at 40th and Old Cheney Road. This land is now known as Williamsburg Village, Lincoln’s first master-planned community.  Williamsburg Village is the city’s single largest mixed-use development planned to accommodate retail, restaurants, single- and multi-tenant office buildings and a daycare facility, as well as a variety of residential uses including single-family homes, townhouses, apartments and retirement housing. A unique feature of Williamsburg is the adherence to design covenants that require all buildings to be built in the Colonial Traditional architectural style.

Hampton Commercial Construction is the general contracting and construction management division of the company, providing construction services for many project types. As a general contractor, Hampton Commercial Construction welcomes and encourages partnering concepts in its projects.

Today, Hampton Enterprises and Hampton Commercial Construction employ more than 65 people in a vertically integrated enterprise. The companies are engaged in land development, real estate service, general contracting, construction management, and property management including building maintenance, lawn and landscaping services, tree relocation, and snow removal.

With a strong foundation now established, Hampton Enterprises is ready to face the next 60 years!