Hampton Enterprises

The Very Best in Commercial Real Estate Services For Over 60 Years

The most reputable name in commercial real estate services has served the Lincoln area and beyond for over 60 years. In those 60 years, we’ve learned a lot about how to build things. Not just buildings; but lasting relationships and a team of highly skilled and dedicated people who are committed to delivering a superior experience and product.

Through sincerity, honesty and integrity, we promise to capture your vision and bring it to life the Hampton way. What is the Hampton way?

Exceptional Attention to Detail

We understand the market, we understand how to manage properties, and we understand owner and tenant concerns. This is why we don’t let any details slip through the cracks.

Continuous Quality Control

Quality is an ongoing effort, and our team’s understanding of that will be readily evident every step of the way.

Outstanding Building Partners

We’re interested in creating sustainable, long-term relationships. To that end, we strive to be the best building partner for your needs and only work with other reputable companies that share our standards of quality and integrity.

Constant, Open Communication

Your needs are constantly evolving and changing. By carefully managing these needs for our clients throughout the process, we’ve built a reputation that many folks in the industry call “the very best in the business.”